Swalwell’s Effort To Distract From His Chinese Spy Friend Now Involves Tucker Carlson

It seems that Eric Swalwell is spending a lot more time on social media than usual. I guess he really wants to turn the attention away from his scandal with the suspected Chinese spy. His latest attack was on Tucker Carlson and it was disturbing.

Swalwell tweeted, “How many people did Tucker Carlson try and kill tonight?”

However, this attack didn’t went unnoticed by the people. They immediately slammed Swalwell over this.

One person tweeted, “While you’re asking questions, answer a few. Since you are, without question, involved with the CCP and on the intelligence committee, how many deaths are you responsible for? How many lives have you endangered? Sooner or later, We will find out!”

Another person tweeted, “You slept with a Chinese spy while their govt was planning to unleash an epidemic on our nation. You’ve committed actual treason.”

One person said, “Ladies and gentlemen- our politicians. Caught banging a Chinese spy, makes national headlines as a national security threat, yet has the arrogance to say “muh Russia!” And “Tucker”. Unreal.”

Another person said, “You do realize they have the video and the audio and the sheets with your DNA all over them. Maybe you should just slink away and be quiet for a little while.”

And one more, “How much damage has Chinese spying done to our national security? I think you need to answer questions publicly under oath. How about that?”

As you can see folks, maybe Swalwell should sit this one out and be quiet. Even better, he should just resign from everything and try and get out of the spotlight. After all, the things he did can be considered as treason.

What are your thoughts on this?