Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Texas Game-Changer: Lt. Gov. Floats Controversial Idea to Oust Biden from ’24 Ballot – Full Details Inside!

    Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick suggested on Monday that his state should consider removing President Joe Biden from the 2024 ballot after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled earlier in the day to take former President Donald Trump off that state’s ballot, citing the “insurrection” clause of the 14th Amendment.

    “Seeing what happened in Colorado tonight…makes me think—except we believe in democracy in Texas—maybe we should take Joe Biden off the ballot in Texas for allowing 8 million people to cross the border since he’s been president, disrupting our state far more than anything anyone else has done in recent history,” Patrick said.

    His comments came during a discussion about a bill the state legislature is working on to allow for the arrest of people who cross illegally into the U.S. through the Lone Star State.


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