Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    THE MELANIA EFFECT: Trump’s Secret Weapon Returns – The Campaign Trail’s Biggest Surprise!

    Reports say that former first lady Melania Trump is preparing to rejoin the campaign trail in support of her husband, former President Donald Trump, for his presidential bid.

    Melania is scheduled to host a fundraising event for the Log Cabin Republicans, a GOP LGBT group, at Mar-a-Lago in Florida on April 20, according to Politico.

    The event follows months of anticipation regarding the former first lady’s return to the campaign trail since her husband announced his 2024 bid in November 2022. Last month, while accompanying Donald Trump to vote in the presidential primary in Florida, she told reporters to “stay tuned” when questioned about when she would begin campaigning for her husband, the Washington Examiner reported.

    In recent months, Melania Trump has made several public appearances, including attending the funeral of former first lady Rosalynn Carter alongside all the other living former first ladies in November. She also participated in a ceremony at the National Archives commemorating Bill of Rights Day in December, the Examiner added.


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