Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    The Text Messages That Changed Everything: Inside the Hunter Biden Conviction!

    One of the 12 jurors who voted to convict Hunter Biden on three felony counts related to an illegal gun purchase has revealed what led them all to their decision.

    According to the juror and others on the panel, a series of damning text messages between the first son and his sister-in-law were key to convicting him.

    A juror who spoke to the New York Post said that messages between Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden, who was the wife of his late brother, Beau Biden, with whom Hunter had a fling, were important in showing Hunter’s state of mind and condition at the time he bought the gun.

    “[The text messages showed], in my opinion, he was training to get drugs,” said a juror whom the outlet described as a black 51-year-old woman from upper Delaware.


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