Trump Isn’t Backing Down! Issues Promising Statement After Biden Electoral College Win

President Trump broke silence on Twitter after Joe Biden was officially announced as President-Elect and it was pure fire.

“Tremendous problems being found with voting machines. They are so far off it is ridiculous. Able to take a landslide victory and reduce it to a tight loss. This is not what the USA is all about. Law enforcement shielding machines. DO NOT TAMPER, a crime. Much more to come!” Trump tweeted.

He then said, “68% error rate in Michigan Voting Machines. Should be, by law, a tiny percentage of one percent. Did Michigan Secretary of State break the law? Stay tuned!”

As you know, after Biden was confirmed as President-Elect, he immediately went on the offensive.

He said that Trump “brought dozens and dozens and dozens of legal challenges to test the result.”

“They were heard again and again,” Biden continued, “and each of the times they were heard they were found to be without merit.”

He called the Trump campaign’s strategy, and that of supporters in Texas and other states, “a position so extreme, we’ve never seen it before.”

“Respecting the will of the people is at the heart of our democracy, even if we find those results hard to accept,” he stated. “That’s the duty owed to the people, to our constitution, to our history. You know, in this battle for the soul of America democracy prevailed. We the people voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact.”

In addition, Senate Majority Leader also confirmed Biden as President-Elect.

“Our system of government has processes to determine who will be sworn in on Jan. 20. The Electoral College has spoken,” he stated. “So today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. The president-elect is no stranger to the Senate. He’s devoted himself to public service for many years.”