Trump Lawyer Just Ripped AG Barr To Shreds Over No Special Counsel Statement

This week Attorney General William Barr will leave his office this week and he is doing so by rejecting demands from high-government officials and even Trump himself.

As you know, in a presser today, Barr said that he doesn’t see the point in appointing a special counsel to look into voter fraud and the Hunter Biden investigation. On the other hand,Trump wanted him to do this.

Barr also dismissed an idea that has been bubbling up recently about the federal government seizing voting machines. He said, “I see no basis now for seizing machines by the federal government.”

A number of Trump allies have already turned on Barr — after he said the DOJ has seen no evidence to date of voter fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election — but one of the lawyers spearheading the president’s still-ongoing fight went after the AG following the press conference.

“Maybe you should sit down now, Bill. You certainly did enough sitting down on the job,” Jenna Ellis tweeted.

Twitter community immediately responded to this. Some people attacked her while others defended her.

One person tweeted, “Jenna, whatever karma has for you in store, it’s going to be epic to watch.”

Another person tweeted, “That stuff on Hunter Biden was not made up or reported as possible or hearsay … it was lifted of his OWN LAPTOP …. if that isn’t proof enough to warrant an investigation then I don’t know what is.”

One person said, “Respecting the will of the people is the heart of democracy. Sit down, Jenna.”

Another person said, “We need an investigation into AG and his tax returns his email phone calls.”