Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Trump Triumphs: Michigan Supreme Court Bucks ‘Insurrectionist Ban,’ Keeps Primary Ballot – Unbelievable Turn of Events!

    The Michigan Supreme Court rejected a request to have former President Donald Trump removed from the ballot in 2024 on allegations that he violated the “insurrectionist ban” in the US Constitution.

    This decision stands in stark contrast to the Colorado Supreme Court’s recent decision, which removed Trump from the state’s primary ballot due to his involvement in the riot that occurred on January 6th in the Capitol, CNN reported.

    Given these contradictory rulings, the anticipated appeals to the US Supreme Court take on even greater significance, particularly as the country gears up for the 2024 primaries. The lawsuit in Michigan, in contrast to the one in Colorado, was dismissed before it ever reached trial. A court that heard appeals from lower courts affirmed the dismissal of the case.

    According to the judge who initially heard the case from Michigan’s Court of Claims, there is no room in state law for election officials to verify the eligibility of candidates for the presidential primary. He went on to say that the courts had no business deciding the case because it posed a political question.


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