Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Trump Under Siege: Habba Exposes Prosecutors’ Secret Plan to Take Him Down!

    The four cases prosecutors have lined up against former President Donald Trump aren’t about the merits, and they’re not about winning — it’s all about “tying him up” to keep him off the campaign trail, says Alina Habba.

    Habba, an attorney and Trump’s legal spokeswoman, said on “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” that the accumulation of charges and the impending trial schedule is “literally impossible,” and it’s all on purpose.

    “The reason they keep filing [charges] … is because they don’t really care if they win,” Habba told Higbie. “They don’t really care if these cases have merit. They care about tying him up so that he can’t be out there doing what he needs to do on the campaign. And if we look at the trial schedule that we have coming, it’s literally impossible. It’s not about the legal team. It’s just the people that need to be there — the witnesses, the depositions … it’s impossible, and that’s by design.”


    Latest Posts