Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    Trump Unleashes Fury – Accuses Biden of Betraying Israel in Blistering Attack!

    Former President Donald Trump claimed he knew on September 11 that Hamas would attack Israel, the day of the Biden administration’s $6 billion Iran deal in exchange for American prisoners.

    “I predicted war in Israel immediately after it was announced. They get so much money. At this time, Israel and the United States need a very strong partnership and leadership. We have got to have strong leaders. If you’re not a strong leader, it doesn’t matter how many army tanks you have. He gave them hundreds of millions of dollars. Many people didn’t even know it. Wonder what deal he made,” Trump said.

    “Joe Biden betrayed Israel. He betrayed our country as president,” Trump said as he hailed his administration as having been the strongest ever to have stood with the Israeli people.


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