Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Trump’s 2024 Run Supercharged by Growing Billionaire Support!

    Former President Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign is receiving a financial boost from a group of billionaires as he aims to narrow the fundraising gap with President Joe Biden.

    Fox Business Network reports that billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, announced on Friday that he will support former President Trump in the 2024 race. Schwarzman previously called for the Republican Party to turn to a “new generation of leaders.”

    Worth an estimated $39 billion, Schwarzman said he shares many Americans’ concerns “that our economic, immigration and foreign policies are taking the country in the wrong direction” and added that the “dramatic rise of antisemitism has led me to focus on the consequences of upcoming elections with greater urgency.”

    His announcement comes as other billionaires rally to support the Trump campaign, which is closing in on the Biden campaign in terms of fundraising. The Biden campaign had been outpacing Trump in monthly fundraising until April, when Trump’s campaign took the lead for the first time this cycle. Additionally, mounting legal bills have put a strain on the Trump campaign’s finances.


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