Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Trump’s Challenge to Biden: A Battle for the Nation’s Future – Will the President Accept the Debate?

    Donald Trump called out his likely 2024 opponent, President Joe Biden, for an immediate debate, saying that it is “for the good of the country” as the former president seems to be a lock for the GOP nomination.

    During an interview with Dan Bongino for his radio show, the former president said that he did not think Biden would remain in the race but nevertheless called on him to debate “immediately” while repeating a previous offer to grant a post-Super Bowl interview after the White House said the president would miss it for the second year in a row.

    “And I don’t think he’s going to run. I don’t know if it’s donors or otherwise. It might be his family. It might be something,” Trump said. “I don’t think he’s gonna run, but I’d like to call for, immediately, debates. I’d like to debate him now because we should debate. We should debate for the good of the country. So I will officially go on your show call.”


    Latest Posts

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