Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Trump’s Emotional Plea to Supporters – The Message That’s Stirring Hearts!

    Former President Donald Trump has again lashed out at the various court cases and charges filed against him by a Democratic administration and by Democratic attorneys general and prosecutors, as the 2024 campaign cycle begins in earnest.

    In a Truth Social post on Wednesday, the 45th president and current GOP presidential frontrunner warned that a weaponization of the legal system, as he sees it, would not only open a “very big and dangerous Pandora’s Box” but also help him gain more support from voters who see him as being unfairly persecuted.

    “I’m 12 Points up on Crooked Joe Biden,” he wrote. “But he’s got the Justice Department and others suing me wherever and whenever possible – WEAPONIZATION, it’s called, and maybe that can make a difference.”

    Trump also accused his political rival of using “Election Interfering Thugs” to disrupt and destroy his effort to regain the White House with endless lawsuits, forcing him to “campaign from inside a courthouse” instead of spending time on the campaign trail.


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