Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    Trump’s Game-Changing Revelation – First Action as President Unveiled! What’s the Plan?

    Former President Donald Trump contrasted his successful economic policies with those of President Joe Biden, promising an “instant economic boom” once he takes office should he win next year’s election.

    He also predicted that the U.S. would suffer through another “Great Depression” should Biden win another four-year term.

    “The next economic boom will begin the instant the world knows that Crooked Joe Biden is gone and Donald J. Trump has won four more years as president of the United States,” Trump declared.

    “Powered by the momentum of our historic victory, by Christmas next year, the economy will be roaring back, energy prices will be plummeting, and the hordes of people charging across our border will have ended—the invasion will have stopped,” he added.

    “The Biden administration is running on the fumes of the great success of the Trump administration—without us, this thing would have crashed to levels never seen before, and if we are not elected, we’ll have a depression very much like the Depression of 1929,” he said.


    Latest Posts