Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Trump’s Retirement Plans Exposed: Where Will He Go Next?

    Former President Donald Trump made an interesting revelation this week about his future plans.

    The announcement came after receiving an endorsement from the National Rival Association, another significant moment in Trump’s enduring relationship with gun owners.

    “I want to move to Texas and I want to retire in Texas… a lot of people are moving to Texas,” said Trump, who visited the state 18 times during his presidency and 13 times after his tenure in the White House.

    It’s unclear whether Trump’s statement was a definitive commitment or a gesture of camaraderie to his supporters. However, it aligns with his previous decision to relocate from New York to Florida during his presidency.

    Trump’s move to Mar-a-Lago in Florida was not only due to its appealing climate but also its favorable tax benefits—a practical move he might consider again with Texas.


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