Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Trump’s Second Term: The Conservative Strategy to Make It Happen!

    Conservatives who are busy preparing for another Donald Trump presidency have launched a highly focused, unprecedented, and organized effort so that he can make the most of his second term should he win in November.

    According to The Center Square, “the movement, named Project 2025, announced this week it had the backing of 100 conservative groups, including the most established and well-funded institutions inside Washington, D.C.”

    There are four areas of focus for the project, per the outlet:

    • A database of conservatives and Trump loyalists to quickly stock the executive branch.
    • Preemptive training for those appointees so they can immediately take action once they take office.
    • An aggressive policy agenda to begin implementing on day one.
    • A 180-day playbook for Trump’s second term.

    Trump was hampered during his first term for at least the first couple of years thanks to defections within his ranks, recalcitrant Republican leaders who wound up working against him on many policy issues despite being in complete control of Congress, and a series of investigations launched by agencies of the Executive Branch including the special counsel probe into alleged ‘Russian collusion’ that then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions approved.


    Latest Posts

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