Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Trump’s VP Dilemma: Republican Desperate for Spot Despite Mutual ‘Hatred’ – Scandal Unraveling!

    There is a new potential candidate for former President Donald Trump’s running mate, but she faces serious opposition.

    Three South Carolina Republicans told The Daily Beast that Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has been promoting herself as a vice presidential pick through appearances on cable news, publicity stunts, and brash social media posts.

    However, a source close to Trump said he “absolutely hates Nancy Mace,” and one of her former aides was even more direct.

    “I would see Trump pick [Mike] Pence before he picks Mace,” that former staffer said.

    “She would absolutely dump on Trump,” her former aide said, adding that “there’s no chance in hell” that Trump would choose her.

    “She despises him,” the former aide added. “She would call him an idiot and use other sorts of words… She is not a friend of Trump, and Trump is not a friend of hers.”


    Latest Posts

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