Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Unprecedented Forecast: Trump Attorney’s Shocking Claim – Supreme Court Poised to Reverse Colorado Ballot Ruling!

    Former President Donald Trump’s legal spokeswoman predicted that the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to boot him off the 2024 ballot will not be allowed to stand by the nation’s highest court.

    “I find it ironic that there’s a January 6 charge pending, but due process doesn’t matter because Colorado’s liberal judges want to take him off the ballot because they can’t beat Biden in the ballots,” attorney Alina Habba told “Breitbart News Daily” on SiriusXM, explaining that it is “not a constitutional decision” and “it will be overturned by the Supreme Court.”

    The Colorado court removed Trump under the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection” ban, though he has never been charged with that crime, much less convicted of it. The verdict was 4–3.

    The decision will remain on hold until January 4th, when an appeal is considered. The nation hopes that the US Supreme Court will hear the case and reach a final decision by then, CNN reported.


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