Wallace Bizarrely Interrupts HHS Sec Azar For Referring To Biden As “Vice President”

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace interrupted Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar because he called Biden “vice-President” and not “President-elect.”

“We welcome Vice President Biden to the club,” Azar said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Since the middle of April … the president’s guidelines have called for โ€”” 

Before Azar could finish, Wallace interjected, “He’s the president-elect, sir. He’s the president-elect.” 

Azar did not respond to Wallace, pressing ahead and saying President Trump has “called masks patriotic.

President Trump still hasn’t acknowledged that Biden had won. During yesterday’s rally, Trump argued that he won the state and the election despite his loss.

The internet immediately reacted to Wallace’s interruption.

“Keep lowering the viewership Wallace” – one person tweeted.

Another person said, “Even though he is on Fox News, Chris Wallace cannot keep himself from asking tough questions sometimes. After all, his father was Mike.”

One person said, “Fox News is, as we know, as corrupt as they come. I do however, have a lot of respect for Chris Wallace. He isnโ€™t afraid to call it as it is.”

Another person tweeted, “Chris Wallace has become more ‘Vile’ every day. Last I checked, the Electoral College hasn’t met yet or voted.”

What are your thoughts on this?