WATCH: Acosta Launches Despicable Attack On Trump Over Supreme Court Texas Decision

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta made a very rude remark over Supreme Court’s decision to reject Texas lawsuit, saying “The Kraken has croaked.”

On Friday night’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360, Cooper and Acosta were discussing the news about the Supreme Court’s decision to reject Texas lawsuit.

“Any response yet from the president or his team?” Cooper asked Acosta.

Acosta said the White House press office was referring questions to the Trump campaign, but said that “talking to a Trump advisor earlier this evening, when I asked this advisor, is this when the president gives it up and finally concedes and moves on with his life, this adviser said ‘No way.’ And earlier today, the same advisor was saying that nobody inside, just about nobody inside the president’s team of advisers thought that this was going to turn out any other way. They just did not think the Supreme Court would do this, and now we see what the president wants to do next.”

“We know obviously he is not going to give it up, but he is running out of options, obviously very quickly,” Acosta said, then added “The far right like to refer to these legal challenges as the Kraken, but the Kraken has croaked.”

“But the president may be out of options, but he’s not out of the opportunity to raise money, which seems to be at the heart of a lot of this,” Cooper said, eliciting agreement from Acosta.

“That’s right, there is no shortage, apparently, of Trump-friendly lawyers who will beclown themselves in this fashion,” Acosta said, and predicted that until the House certifies the election on January 6, “there is a window of fundraising opportunity for the president to continue this disinformation for dollars campaign.”

Okay, will someone tell Jim Acosta that this joke is not even funny?