Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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    WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Brutally Mocks Hunter Biden In A Viral Video

    Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has made a case for a Biden presidency in 2024, but it is not President Joe Biden.

    On the Friday episode of his Fox News show “Gutfeld,” the host said that the president’s son, Hunter Biden, should be the nominee in 2024 and, we assume, he was kidding even as he insisted that he was not.

    He talked about the president’s dismal poll numbers and said that his son would be the correct choice to take his place.

    “That’s right, Biden 2024, roll the nexio. That’s right, forget Joe, it’s time for Hunter. After all, Joe [Biden] says Hunter is the smartest guy he knows. So, it stands to reason he’ll be an improvement. You think I’m kidding? But hear me out. There’s a ton of reasons why Hunter would make a great president,” he said.

    The host argued that Hunter, “can’t be blackmailed,” after the tons of damaging information that has leaked from his laptop and, allegedly his iCloud.

    “Seriously, seriously what if some foreign agent approaches him and says, ‘Mr. President, we have video of you masturbating?” Hunter would probably reply ‘fine, but do you have one from this angle or this angle? How about this? I can get you high-def if you like,’” he said.

    “And even better, the guy knows business. If anyone can. This guy could pay off the national debt. Hell, his paintings are worth a half-mil a pop. He could pump out 400 of those a month, right out of his nose,” he said.

    “Keep it in the family. Hunter Biden 2024,” he said. “The slogan could be ‘The Biden you can trust to make it to the top of the stairs.’ Just keep them away from your daughters and your medicine cabinet.”

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