WATCH: Maxine Gets Shredded After Calling For Despicable Things Against Trump

Rep. Maxine Watters just called for Trump to be “marched out” of the White House by the Secret Service or military. She made this remark while talking on live TV. Unbelievable.

Of course, the internet community couldn’t sit this one out.

One person tweeted, “The fact that this women is an elected official is mind blowing”

Another person tweeted, “That’s hilarious!!! Hey Maxine who do you afford the house you live in on your salary???”

One person said, “I want Maxine out of her house that taxpayers paid for, and I sure as hell want her out of the House of Representatives. This woman is a dog. And she is what @AOC will be in 50 years.”

Another person said, “Would like to see actual journalism investigate how waters became a millionaire!?how can she afford a multimillion dollar house outside of her district in a $175,000 annual salary!? would like to know how she keeps getting elected to do nothing?fair elections or voting fraud!?”

One tweeted, “I want her to do something productive for the money she skims. We don’t always get what we want. Old, incompetent bigot.”

Another said, “Waters suffers from a severe case of niativity unable to grasp the fact that huge crowds of people want her removed from her throne any way possible including in pieces by villagers with pitch forks and torches just like in the movies.”