WATCH: Rand Paul’s First Sentence During Today’s Hearing Has Liberals Fuming

In a congressional hearing today, Senator Rand Paul made a very brave sentence, saying that the election was “in many ways stolen.”

“The fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen and the only way it will be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws,” Paul said during a hearing with testimony from Christopher Krebs. As you know, Krebs is Trump’s former cybersecurity chief. He was fired from his position after he reported that there was no interference in the election.

Interestingly enough, after Krebs again said that there was no interference on the election, Sen Paul that even though the election was safe, this doesn’t mean that rules were not broken.

“To say it was the safest election, sure I agree with your statement if you are referring to foreign intervention, but if you are saying it’s the safest election based on no dead people voted…no people broke the absentee rules, I think that is false and I think that’s what’s upset a lot of people on our side is that they are taking your statement to mean there, oh there were no problems in the election, I don’t think you examined any of the problems we heard here, so really you are just referring to something differently the way I look at it,” Paul said.

The liberal community on Twitter immediately attacked Paul.

One person tweeted, “This is exactly what is wrong with our country. Courts have heard these false allegations and have ruled they are not credible. Can senators just lie to the American public forever with 0 consequences? Like seriously it has to stop…”

Another person tweeted, “All I hear when they speak is that they cheated so hard and still lost. They deflecting from what they’ve been up to in SC and KY. Attack is the greatest form of defence.”

One person said, “Well AG Barr couldn’t find it, the Supreme Court can’t find it, Lower Courts have seen no evidence of it, Republican AG’s in the States you cite here can’t find it. Maybe you’re just perpetuating Russian disinformation? You’re either naive or malevolent. Which is it?”

What are your thoughts on this?