WATCH: The View Hosts Say Trump Needs Intervention – Get Wrecked Instead

The View started out their show by slamming President Trump over his interview with Maria Bartiromo and the way he talked about the election.

Whoopi Goldberg started, “I’m sick of people blaming American citizens for cheating in their own elections. I’m sick of this. You’re blaming Republican governors. You’re blaming people who are saying, actually, no why would they fight against their own interests, and if, again, I will say, if the Democrats had done this, why has everybody still got a job? None of this makes any sense to me.

Joy Behar then went off, talking about Bartiromo and slammed most Republicans over the fact that they believe Trump too easily and too much. On the other hand, Sunny Hostin went nuclear on Trump, suggesting that Trump needs “an intervention.”

Hostin said, “He just needs to go to Losers Anonymous. Like, he’s really in a psychosis right now, and I’m surprised that the people around him like his daughter, like Jared Kushner, who somehow is on his way to the Middle East. I don’t understand why he has to go to the Middle East this week, but I think that they need to stage some sort of intervention at this point, because he is now damaging the Republican Party even further with all of this rhetoric.

Sara Haines then kept the discussion going as well, talking about how Team Trump is trying to undermine America’s legal system with their tactic.

However, the internet community immediately responded to this.

Becuz the witches on the View are concerned about damaging the GOP….. hypocrites” one person tweeted.

“Did anyone stage an intevention for Joy, Whoopi, Sunny and Ana for their Trump Derangement Syndrome?” – another person tweeted.

What are your thoughts on this?