WATCH: Trump Goes On Live TV & Opens Up About His Biggest Worry For America

In an interview for Fox and Friends that aired this morning, Trump stated that he worries most about an “illegitimate” president taking over the country. People believe that he is alluding about Joe Biden on this one.

“I worry about the country having an illegitimate president,” Trump stated. “That is what I worry about, a president that lost, and lost badly. This was not like a close election. Look at Georgia, we won Georgia big, we won Pennsylvania big. We won Wisconsin, big. We won it big. Won all of these states.”

Nearing the end of the interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, Trump brought up his same concern over there being an “illegitimate” president.

“What happened in this country, we were like a third world country. I do worry about the fact that, – you asked the question – illegitimate president, that is what you worry about,” Trump concluded.

As you can see, the Twitter community lost their minds immediately.

One person tweeted, “I worry about an illegitimate president too. Glad Trump acknowledged his 7M vote loss wasn’t a close election.”

Another person tweeted,” Trump: I worry about this country having an illegitimate president, therefore I will throw out legal votes for my opponent so I can rule for eternity.”

One person said, “This is beyond delusional… I’m becoming convinced that Trump rigged this election but underestimated just how many people wanted him out so he was short… and why his team won’t show proof – it will damn them.”

What are your thoughts on this?