Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    WH Press Secretary Furious With Texas Governor – Here’s Why

    The White House is getting a lesson in the saying “what goes around comes around” and it does not like it.

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was furious at Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing illegal immigrants to the nation’s Capital from his state.

    “Governor Abbott of Texas said today he started sending busloads of migrants to New York in an effort to share responsibility with other states.  Does the White House have a reaction to that?” a reporter said to the press secretary.

    “So, you know, it’s the latest stunt from the governor — another stunt of busing de- — busing desperate migrants across the country.  And he’s using them as a political — you know, as a political ploy.  I mean, this is what he’s been doing, and it’s shameful,” the press secretary responded.

    Actually, one could argue that the President of the United States not fixing an open border is shameful. But she continued.

    “And I’ve said this before — I was asked this last week — and it’s costing — it’s costing the state of Texas $1.5 million.  That’s what this game that he’s doing, that he’s playing is costing Texans — $1.5 million.

    “And we have seen him do this before.  He so- — his so-called “Operation Lone Star” put National Guardsmen and law enforcement in dangerous situations and resulted in a logistical nightmare needing federal rescue,” she said.


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