Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    You Have to See Trump’s Epic Response to Judge: ‘It’s Shocking!’

    Former President Donald Trump appeared to make it clear on Wednesday that Judge Juan Merchan’s Monday threat to jail him for future violations of his restrictive gag order would be met with defiance.

    “Give me liberty or give me death,” Trump wrote Wednesday in an all-caps message on Truth Social, quoting the American Founding Father Patrick Henry.

    “It is a really bad feeling to have your Constitutional Right to Free Speech, such a big part of life in our Country, so unfairly taken from you, especially when all of the sleazebags, lowlifes, and grifters that you oppose are allowed to say absolutely anything that they want,” Trump’s post added. “It is hard to sit back and listen to lies and false statements be made against you knowing that if you respond, even in the most modest fashion, you are told by a Corrupt and Highly Conflicted Judge that you will be put in prison, maybe for a long period of time.”

    In the Wednesday post, Trump added: “This Fascist mindset is all coming from D.C. It is a sophisticated hit job on Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent, ME!”


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