Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    You Won’t Believe What Trump Just Admitted – It Changes Everything!

    Former President Donald Trump recently made a remarkable admission that even Democrats and “liberals” want to be his running mate and be part of his administration should he win in November.

    “I get a kick out of watching the fake news media say, ‘Nobody wants to work with him; nobody wants to be vice president; Nobody wants to be secretary of state.’ Everybody wants to be in these positions,” Trump said.

    “There’s is not a person in politics that doesn’t want it, and that includes Democrats. If I wanted, I’d have a Democrat; I’d have a liberal; I’d have … anybody I want,” he added.

    “President Biden’s disastrous debate performance has persuaded former President Donald J. Trump to continue to hold off on naming his running mate for now, prompting another round of speculation — including within his own team — about when he may announce his pick,” the New York Times reported.


    Latest Posts

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