Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    Stormy Daniels Speaks Out: Legal Analyst Weighs In on Her ‘Wild’ Testimony at Trump Trial! What’s the Truth?

    A legal analyst for MSNBC broke down adult film star Stormy Daniels’ testimony during former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial on Tuesday while speculating what impact it may have had on the jury.

    Legal analyst Harry Litman, reporting from the Manhattan courtroom, noted that Daniels might have caused some confusion among the jury with her “wild” testimony.

    After the prosecution questioned Daniels in court before a lunch break, Litman, a former U.S. attorney, spoke with MSNBC about his observations. He suggested that Daniels’ testimony, which he described as perhaps too “colorful,” might have elicited mixed reactions from the jury.

    “There was a lot to see as far as the jury. We’re talking about a very, very colorful witness who detailed kinds of events and just efforts and ways of being that I think for the jury were fairly foreign. She spoke very quickly, nervously, she told a lot of jokes, but not all of them landed,” he said.


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